FIBOPE PORTUGUESA – FILMES BIORIENTADOS, S. A. is an industrial company devoted to the manufacturing of flexible packaging films, as part of the Canadian group  “Intertape Polymer, Inc.”.

Integrated in a cutting-edge industrial plant with cost-saving production techniques,  we manufacture films with polyolefin resin biaxialy oriented and multilayer co-extruded (POLYOLEFIN SHRINKFILM) and we believe we can meet all of our customer’s needs.

Our products undergo a constant policy of R&D and quality testing to satisfy our clients’ demands, being certified since 2001 in the NP EN ISO 9001:2008, and since 2013 in the BRC/IOP Packaging.  The quality of  and  is constantly tested in our laboratories, with high-tech equipment, to ensure Quality and Consistency. Their main usages are directed to the food industry, cosmetics, paper packaging and “Display Market” items in general.

The concept of Total Satisfaction guides our daily operations and differentiates FIBOPE from its competition.